If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Rolled Relaxed and Caught Up


Why do I feel like I need to be balls to the wall all the time!?

Obsessive? Dedicated? Insane?

Call it what you will, but days off feel like eternity ~I always know I need it, but during it, I feel fat and lazy. Yet after it, I always feel well rested and ready to hit again...

I feel like this is yet another mental battle in the world of Ironman (triathlon training in general).

When I feel good and strong I want to go and go and go! Let's ride 500 miles a week! Let's go swim the English Channel! Let's go run a marathon every weekend!
Slow down there wonder woman... 
Eat a cookie or something.

^^ This ^^ is called TRAINING SMART (the taking recovery days even when you feel good and strong part, not the eating cookies part...).

I don't know friends, this is what's on my mind tonight as I'm rolled, relaxed, feet kicked up, and watching Gossip Girl ~don't judge ;)

I hope you're taking advantage of your rest & recovery days too even if they make you feel a little cuckoo (oh the irony that REST is what makes me feel crazy ;)