If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Pensacola Recap



I could probably spend the entire week writing stories of our shenanigans this past weekend in Pensacola but I'll keep it brief...
And by brief I mean, grab ya a cup of coffee...

How it all started:
Dana wanted to go on adventure. Trish wanted a weekend away. Rearrange this, rearrange that... let's go to Pensacola. BOOM.

We (David, Dana, me) piled up in the Rav4 with beach towels, snacks, and the Yeti (have you ever heard of a Yeti? Pretty much the most bad ass baller cooler you will ever meet. I would be friends with someone solely for owning a Yeti. It's true. ~it's not, I'm teasing). But it's being added to my Christmas wish list for sure.
We met Trish over there since she works in Mobile and it was easier for her to just cruise on over after work. Thanks to Trish and her jug o'Sangria, the weekend kicked off with BIG smiles and instant relaxation mode. We made our way to Portofino Boardwalk on Pensacola Beach for dinner at Flounder's, drinks, and a horrible band (let's just be honest).


The coolest part about Friday night is we met Zach. Zach works at the front desk at the Hampton Inn in Navarre. I'm going to honestly email the Hampton Inn and tell them that he is by far the sweetest coolest hotel front desk worker ever!! He deserves a raise. Zach told us where to go for dinner, drinks, live music, jet skis, have a bonfire on the beach, and really every miscellaneous question that came out of my inquiring mouth. Accommodating! And he was funny and kind and........

So, apparently all guests get complimentary cookies but Zach went SO above and beyond his cookie call of duty that we actually called in a special order and he had them FRESH out of the oven for us upon our return for the night. Zach, you are THE MAN! We were instantly labeled the cookie monsters. What what (sideways hat, throw up the pretend wannabe gangsta signs, lips out, OG ~original gangster in case you're behind).

Miscellaneous side stories to be told at our next social event:
- getting pulled over, we were definitely speeding, sea turtles and land storks ?? The speed limit is 35mph. We were doing 50. ISH. It's a dang good thing the cop came to the passenger window and NOT the drivers... #truth Hey, we had hot cookies to get to!
- the worst band on earth. Not only do you not sound good, but you don't look good.
"Everybody make some noise!!!" ~to the 7 people in the bar (crickets, tumbleweeds, AWKWARD...)
- word for the weekend: UPGRADE!! ~can be applied to SO many situations in life, perhaps its own blog post is coming.
- dolphin sightings!!
- Jeff the tiki bartender... Tall, fit, adorable, intriguing, MARRIED. Sorry Trish ;) And Dana was so set on keeping that hat... And have you ever had a Bushwacker? It's a Frosty for adults. YUM.
- and let's not forget Dana and her hiccups...


Yay, more friends are coming!! Tish, Jg, and Amanda joined us on the beach...
The beach. OH MY GOODNESS, Pensacola Beach is so gorgeous. The water is crystal clear, the perfect temp, white sand beaches - HEAVEN. Trish, Dana, David, and I spent the entire morning, noon, and most of the afternoon playing in the water, sipping on refreshments, and people watching. We couldn't wait for our friends to arrive so we could go jet ski. Unfortunately, after their arrival, a few more refreshments, and more fun in the water, a storm was rolling in ~crazy lightning and they were pulling all the jet skis in. Booo! Well, we've got tomorrow. No worries. So we headed back to the hotel for clean up and our next adventure, TATTOOS and piercings!


Determined to get Dave his Ironman tattoo, we found a local shop in Navarre. Walking in, HOLY CLEAN! The place smelled great and looked great. Shout out to the Ink Spot. Perfect placement, perfect lines, perfect color, Grimm Jim did such a fantastic job that Dana spontaneously got one too! Runner girl with some zoom. We love it!

Now let's feed Jg before he starves to death... We settled for a little dive seafood'ish type joint. Their bar and atmosphere sucked though so we headed back to Pensacola Beach for a fun night... p.s. 7 of us piled up in a big truck. Ha! p.s.s. the fish sandwich is the last of Jg's memory for the night...

We ended up at Capt'n Fun Beach Club for the funnest night EVER! We thought the DJ was rocking and had us dancing and grooving to new hits, old hits, all perfectly DJ'ed together... Perfect! And but then it got even more perfect when the live music came on, holy moly, this group ROCKED! 'Rumor Mill'. They were a mix between rock n'roll, pop, dance, modern, and they were HOT! Refreshments were flowing and we didn't stop dancing until 2am! Don't worry, we had a DD...
Laughing, dancing, moving, shaking, grooving, drinking, LOVING life with friends!
Knowing we had to run for 2 hours Sunday morning, we called it a night. Dana, "But I want to dance ALL night!!" Oh how you'll regret saying that after a few miles running in the Florida humidity...

The drive back:
I mentioned we were 7 deep in a truck right? 1 driver, 2 in front seat, 4 in the back seat. One of those in the back seat was Jg who although YELLING himself, thought we were all being too loud. He demanded Dave to pull over. Let's just say that Jg rode the rest of the way home in the bed of the truck... Home. More fresh cookies (thanks ZACH for briefing Skyler on the cookie details ~OG). BED. But not after a conversation with half asleep Jg, "I'm not a god damn grizzly bear."

Why is my alarm screaming at us at 8am!? I think we could have slept until noon!! Ugh, but we HAVE to get our run in. So (most) of us dragged ourselves out of bed, sucked down our coffees and Red Bulls, and hit the streets. Oh my goodness it was a so hot. Our initial plan was 2 hours but we definitely settled for 1. We really only wanted to make it to the Navarre Beach bridge. And we did.
We got back "home", cleaned up, packed up, and headed for home. With too much to do, we decided our NEXT trip would include the jet skis. ~Yes, NEXT trip!! And you better come!!


More miscellaneous side stories to be told at our next social event:
- "I'm not a god damn grizzly bear." ~this is a must watch video
- Dana and the sea oats. Tish, "Umm, Dana, who are you talking to?" as Dana rambles on about the sea oats.
- Dana and Zach phone conversation... "Do you want a s'mores? It's okay if we make a fire in the room, right?" "I heart you Zach."

Seriously, the best Pensacola weekend in history. I can't wait to spend more time with these fantastic people. Don't forget, YOU'RE invited!!
Hope our CrAzInEsS at least made you laugh...