If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Wetsuit Strippers

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Did you know that 100% of triathlon swimmers pee in their wetsuit? I mean, for me (Lisa), it's a natural reaction. Wetsuit on, toes in water, pee. 

What you DON'T think about is the fact that pee remnants remain inside the suit. And when the wetsuit is violently (yet somehow efficiently) ripped from your body by a wetsuit stripper in an Ironman, the pee is going to SPLASH everyone. 

This my friends, is how we spent our Saturday morning at Ironman Texas; ripping off wetsuits and being splashed by pee for 2 hours... 

I am off in desperate search for a bathroom...

"If anyone is willing to volunteer as a wetsuit stripper, please come forward for a volunteer t-shirt."


I'm squatting in the woods while Chris makes her way across the area to get in on this volunteer opportunity.

Wait for me!!
We weave our way in and out of spectators for our official volunteer t's and wristbands and head down to the swim exit to assist in wetsuit stripping.
"Did you go?"
"Heck ya I went!"

By the time our friends J.G. and Tish came out of the water we were pros! ALL DAY! We couldn't help but think, in between racers, holy crap we are here and doing this right now, and COVERED in pee. We'd both crack up laughing and rip off the next wetsuit.

2,500 athletes later, hundreds of wetsuits stripped, 4 timing chips saved, 2 wetsuits ripped, 1 hamstring pulled, covered in pee, and thanked profusely... our wetsuit stripping was complete.

Lesson learned: never pass up an opportunity to help a fellow triathlete; even if it means you'll be covered in pee.