If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!


Hola Friends! As always we would like to THANK you for following us on our adventures. Our goal is to inspire, empower and motivate others to TRI new things and its seems as though some of you have  been surged with some of our craziness!

Proud, honored, and impressed to see so many friends starting taking their OWN adventures! We LOVE it! Lisa puts up jazz hands, I start doing the moon walk, we are just overwhelmed with joy to see others take the initiative and embarking on their our journeys.

All that being said, we want to feature YOU right here on TRIOURADVENTURE!

Yep, we want to READ and SEE your adventure.

Totally cool right? Just a couple of rules (I know lame, but we thrive off of spontaneous structure):

1. Must be a NEW adventure: NO flashbacks. As of May **, 2014. This is gonna force you to bash your best friend over the head, shove her/him in a car and drive them all the way to Canada, while of course documenting the entire way.

2. PICTURES: 8 picture minimum, between both phone and REAL camera photos. Be creative, we don't just want to see YOUR beautiful face, but that of the world AROUND you.

3. BE INVOLVED: Your adventure can not just benefit yourself. We would love to see you MEET others, cheer others on, or just completely change the world.

4.BE WORKING ON YOUR FITNESS: We ask that you do at least one thing on your trip that is fitness related. So if you road tripping to see your aunt who swallows swords for a traveling circus, we want to see you go for a run with with the ring master (because we know those guys are runners, have you ever noticed how svelte their legs are?).

5. #TRIOURADVENTURE : We know that most of you are on social media, if so we ask that you hashtag your pictures (via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter) #TRIOURADVENTURE through your entire adventure. We want to follow you! Because sometimes we are STUCK at home :)

6. MAKE THINGS HAPPEN: For some it can be easy to go on a small adventure, but want makes an adventure truly epic is TRI'ing news things. So be fearless, eat something you never have before, put yourself in an awkward situation and make the most of it. 

Woo! Easy right? I know some of you are shaking and thinking  "OMG, this is gonna be awesome!", well if you aren't we totally are!

Interested? Please leave a comment BELOW and email us at triouradventure(at)gmail.com

Happy Adventures!

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