If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Face Painting


Ventured to the Bear Creek Music Festival at Lynn Meadows Discovery Center on Saturday. We have nothing to report of the festival. Really. Nothing. And while the festival was a bust, we did play in Lynn Meadows Discovery Center where we let our imaginations run wild and free!

The best part about this adventure: the most amazing face painter on the Gulf Coast! Vicki Miller is a graphics artist and website designer. She is crazy talented!! 

Having never had my face painted in my life...
"Mom, why have I never had my face painted!?", sending her a pic text of my face.
"Artists like that didn't exist! I wasn't gonna waste our money on a crappy little ladybug." 
Touche. My economically reasonable mother.

Anyway, I think Chris and I were more excited about getting our faces painted than the kids. Butterflies and My Little Pony's and flowers and wings and glitter and bling, it was SO hard to choose! 

Little Mark's was an obvious choice, SPIDERMAN! She even did his hands!! He spent the next hour spider-webbing up trees. Chloe picked Minnie Mouse and then modeled her beautiful face for us all afternoon. Watching Vicki work with Chloe was so sweet. Vicki is kind and patient; you can tell she loves doing this and loves the kids. I chose sexy, sparkly, giraffe/cheetah, long lashes, and sticker bling art that ended up being a first for Vicki too! In lieu of our Cinco de Mayo run, Chris picked a HUGE red Hibiscus to take over her face. All amazingly done and so detailed, Vicki won our hearts (and our faces!). Ready for this...it was only $5 each. FIVE BUCKS! The art lasted overnight (of course we slept like mummies) and was a big hit for our Sunday Q50 race.

If you are planning an event, we recommend you contact Vicki Miller to be onsite. Her work is incredible! She also does hand painted glassware, headbands, bows, and hats, and ornaments. Additionally, she's heavily involved in a children't literacy program. Again, her love for the kids shows in her character. Visit www.vickimillerworksofheart.com or email her at vmiller@eagletoo.com