If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

How YOU Can Help...


In case you missed it, Chris and I are embarking on a two week journey to raise awareness for domestic violence and lend our services and helping hands. There are several missions happening along this journey:

1) Empower the victims of domestic violence back to a HEALTHY, FIT, FREE life again...
Having made contact with 12 women's centers and shelters along our route, we will be hosting free health & fitness seminars, running/triathlon clinics, and helping establish relationships between the shelters and local run/tri/bike shops. When this opportunity isn't available, we'll be volunteering at the shelter with miscellaneous duties.

This is where the how YOU can help comes in...

2) Delivering highly needed items to each shelter... 
The victims who find themselves at a shelter often arrive with the clothes on their backs and kids in tow. Scared, confused, and with empty pockets, they seek help. The shelters provide victims with a safe haven offering many services, food, shelter, showers, etc... We are collecting most needed items and delivering them to the shelters. Items most needed:
~Money contributions in any amount
~Clothes (not trash, clothes you would wear, clothes you'd dress your children in)
~Toilet paper and personal hygiene products (not trash, products you would use)
~Cleaning products (laundry detergent, dish soap, all purpose cleaner, etc)
~Blankets and sheets
~Diapers and baby items (and food)
~Nonperishable food items (not from the back of your pantry, food you'd serve your family)
~Gift Cards (Target, Walmart, Gas, Grocery)
~Misc like lightbulbs, batteries, stamps, pens & paper, paper towels, etc

(local) Drop off Points:
CrossFit 228 in Gulfport
Run-N-Tri Company Gulfport, Mobile, and Slidell
Email us for pick-up

3) Reaching out to the local communities...
We want to get the community involved in each city. Contact with the local run/tri/bike shops will help; we are also reaching out to our friends and family near each shelter. We ask that you share our journey, our posts, and prepare to volunteer your time at the shelter with us. We are also willing and prepared to speak at other local events, tv and/or radio to spread the word and raise awareness for domestic violence even further.

Finally, we are accepting donations in any amount (click here to donate), gift cards, meal certificates, gas credit, hotel comps, or any relief for our own expenses of this trip. We are not profiting from this adventure nor are we getting paid.

We appreciate any support and we're super excited to MAKE CHANGE!!