If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Keeping It Real: "Just Be Frank"


I really need to google the exact definition of being "frank", but I'll be as "frank" as "frank" can get.

I, Christina deal (hate the word "suffer") with depression. It started with postpartum depression, and it has evolved into full blown depression. It runs deep within both sides of my family. I am just chemically imbalanced.

Lisa, deals with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). For those of you that don't know, or have forgotten, one of the multi-layers of Lisa Lasagna is being an Officer in the Army for 7 years. She served 2 tours in Iraq, and 1 in Afghanistan. Lisa has seen shit people shouldn't see.

Now that I have been "frank", lets talk about why we prioritize doing what we do, and why we spend money on doing these things.

Ya know, I actually had to ask Lisa "Are you happy?". It came with a response that applied to the both of us "We have BAD ASS happy, and MISERABLE lows". My thought? True dat.

There have been times that I have been on the phone with hubby and have cried, "I don't know why I have to do it, but if I don't, I am scared." There have been one too many times that I have been home alone and stared at the wall. ALL AFTERNOON.

The definition of ACTION: The fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim.

We are people that take action or must be active. It's not that we can't sit still or can't enjoy a lazy day, but because chemically & emotionally we feel we need to take part in the world around us.

Do you think I like staying in my dark little townhome with crazy kids running around, that some times I don't know what to do with and think about how lonely or depressed I am? F#%k no.
Do you think Lisa likes staying in her too big of a house for just one with no human interaction? F#%k no.

So we plan. We actually sit down, pull out our calendars and PLAN epic adventures. A lot of the things we do are on a whim, or there will be weeks where we do nothing. In that DO NOTHING time one of us tends to be in a rut, but we work out of it.

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all."- Helen Keller.

I am sure you are starting to understand, but still think "so what if you plan adventures, I could plan anything, doesn't mean it is going to happen". This is where the DARING comes it.

"Are we seriously doing this?" <--- We say this to each other a lot and every time it excites the other one into "OH HELL YEAH"…. if we were dudes we would probably chest bump, instead we take a selfie.

It takes an "I double dog dare you", a 5-hour Energy, or a shit load of guts to sometimes even get out of bed. But you have to want it. If you want it, if "it's in you", you WILL make things happen.

Ok, so now your thinking "Yeah, I can do this", you probably just chest bumped your 2 year old or your dachshund name Dottie. You're pumped up and ready to go. But wait…. these adventures are NOT free. Well some are, but even free events can cost gas to get you to your location.

When you make your adventures/happiness/hobbies/family a priority in life then you again PLAN accordingly.

A lot of people say "I don't know how you have the money to do it!". This leads me to thinking, I have 2 jobs, I SAVE, and I DESERVE to spend MY money that I WORKED for, the way I WANT to.

Now we will have a post on how both Lisa and I budget for things (coming soon). Yes, along with planning there is a BUDGETING factor. We aren't stupid. Plus I have a penny pincher of a husband hounding the checking accounts cause he has nothing else better to do on a ship when it's lights out.

But when adventures are what you do to keep your sanity, have family time, physically keep your body in shape (training for an Ironman or ANY event), and be with friends...

Lisa…. help me, I am getting lost…..

You SAVE, you BUDGET, you take ACTION.

I, (Lisa now talking) am as poor as they come! But just like Christina, I SAVE, I BUDGET, I take ACTION. I too work two part time jobs and Coach on the side. I also beg borrow and plead for support (but that's for a different post). "The key to happiness is spending your money on experiences rather than possessions."

The bottom line: we all have different financial priorities. We don't hate on your fancy coffees, beauty pageants, or spoon collections... Don't hate on OUR priority, ADVENTURE.

(Christina again) Felt like I just sang a song and Lisa came in and did some freestyle rapping…

With that said, I put my arms up in the air, drop my mic and step out of the limelight.