If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Have NO FEAR and Please Don't CHOOT Em!

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On our way back home this past weekend from Ironman Texas, we made the stop to pet the baby alligators. I know (if you have driven through the state of Louisiana) that you have seen the bill boards that dot I-10 enticing you to pull over. This trip we actually did.

C'mon, baby alligators? They are like portable dinosaurs!

No hoards of people to wait behind for a turn, just a sweet lovely southern welcome and a "sit down and let me throw a baby alligator on you!"

It was a FREE cool experience. The kids were all about it, and so was I... again, its a mini-dinosaur!

For Lisa though… She thought it was cool, but it scared the crap out of her. It's understandable when you spend most of your time swimming in open water, where there could be alligators.

I was not scared. I knew I wanted to hug the small creature once I saw the retired teacher pick one up and start cuddling with it like it was a shivering teacup yorkie. I right away thought, "Oh sweet dear baby Godzilla let me squeeze you!"

But to be completely honest, if I saw one of those things swimming in the SAME water that I needed to swim in. NO. Not just NO, but HELL NO! Not so cute when they are coming out to get you!

After our close encounter we went for some local po-boys and it was here that I hear my kids call Lisa a "scaredy-cat". They weren't being mean, but just teasing her because she obviously had the creeps for holding one. Lisa automatically looked over at me and gave me a "look".

That small teasing comment brought up the topic about FEARS. It's such a small word "fear", but it can hold one hell of a punch of emotions.

Lisa asked me what I was afraid of…In terms of small fears like "spiders, snakes, the plague", I am really not afraid of much. I really had to think about it what actually instills FEAR in me. One thing that does scare me is swimming in the OCEAN. It's huge and deep and just has TOO much going on down there. I can handle rivers and lakes, but the ocean…. well dang, that girl has got a whole mess of problems I can't even begin to deal with.

I asked Lisa what she was scared of, "Alligators. They are going to come up from the deep and eat me!"

I just nodded my head in agreement, because yes, I too imagine a big ole alligator coming up, grabbing me, and taking me down to the bottom where he rolls around with me until I die; then takes me off to a deep corner of the lake and eats me.

But Psshhhh (Will Smith voice) who in the hell cares about gators, right?

Do you have a FEAR? Share with us on our Facebook page… Like seriously do it!! Don't act like 1. You aren't scared of gators and 2. You don't really wanna carry one around in your purse … start a new trend people!

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