If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Nothing Hurts Us Uselessly

IMAG1127_1 Sometimes things in life just hurt.

Our bodies get sore; our minds numb; our emotions in turmoil.

And while it feels lonely, intense, unbearable... you are not alone and it is not without reason.

Even in pain, nothing hurts us uselessly. There is a powerful lesson to be learned in every situation. The greatest lessons are born from pain and give us the opportunity to rebuild with thicker cement and sturdier wood.

Pain creates courage and determination.
Pain tests what we are made of.
Pain helps shape our character.
Pain can serve as a compass to point us in new directions; towards new opportunities.
Pain reminds us to be compassionate.

Pain lets us know we are alive.

"When we get hit, really hard, and fall to our knees in despair, but somehow summon the strength to rise and face the challenge again, we become smarter and we become stronger for the next round." ~Alex Blackwell, 2008

The most important thing to remember when life hurts, it will pass. You won't feel this way forever. Your struggle is part of your story and nothing hurts you uselessly.