If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

10 Things We TRI'ed Gulf Coast: May 2014

Do you remember our fun list of 10 things to TRI Gulf Coast: May 2014?
We didn't get to every "thing" but we sure did do a lot!!
Check it out...

1 - Bear Creek Music Festival : May 3, Lynn Meadows Discovery Center, Biloxi, Mississippi
While the festival was a bore, we met a really amazing face painter! Read our full report HERE

2 - Q50 Cinco de Mayo 4 Mile Run: May 5, Audubon Park, New Orleans, Louisiana
Tamales, Margaritas, Cesar, and 12 miles of "trail". An amazing adventure to read HERE

3 - The Perfect Trio Cooking Class: May 13, Lynn Meadows Discovery Center, Biloxi, Mississippi
We weren't able to make this adventure. We did eat some bomb food in May though! Lisa's famous guacamole wins 1st place!

4 - Full Moon Paddle: May 14, The Dock Restaurant, Gulfport, Mississippi
The full moon paddle got cancelled TWICE due to bad weather. This one will be added to our next list of things to TRI for sure!!

5 - Sherpa Ironman Texas: May 17, The Woodlands, Houston, Texas
A great big congratulations to our buddy J.G. for becoming an Ironman!! A super fun Texas filled weekend with a surprise visit from Chris's husband, Mark.

6 - Sloppy Dogs & Beach Day in Bay St. Louis: random weekday, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
How did we not make it to Sloppy Dogs !?

7 - Flint Creek PX3: May 31, Flint Creek Waterpark, Wiggins, Mississippi

8 - Eat at the Thai Lotus Restaurant: random weekday, Gulfport, Mississippi
Pad Thai and Spring Rolls. No complaints, but nothing to brag about either. Take out will happen in the future.

9 - Take kids to IMMS: potentially May 30, Gulfport, Mississippi
To be honest, weather was pretty ugh this month...lots of wind and rain. We'll save this for a beautiful summer day!

10 - Tuxachanie Trail adventure: random weekday, DeSoto Forest, Wiggins AO, Mississippi
Again, bad weather made this a tough one to accomplish too.

So we were able to accomplish 5/10 things we wanted to TRI this month on the Gulf Coast.
We also snuck in an entire camping adventure in Florida, a pre-k graduation, volunteering (in addition to Sherpa'ing) IMTX, the Alligator Chateau tour, and a Memorial Day bbq. Not to mention the domestic violence awareness journey plans, visits from husbands, the decision to move to Florida, and casting call for the Amazing Race. Phew, what a month!?

What did you TRI this month!? Tell us about your adventure and you could be featured on TRI OUR ADVENTURE! Read more HERE