If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Jake Runs Wild


Last week, playing with Jake I had a brilliant idea to attach my Garmin 910XT to him (athlete nerd!!). Over the next few days, for his walks and play time, I tracked his running data...

Average play time is 15 minutes (it's hot in Mississippi!). We do this twice a day (usually).
His fastest pace while chasing a ball: 4:42 (as in a 4 minute and 42 second mile).
His slowest pace while chasing a ball: 12:15. Take your time Jake.
His average pace while chasing balls is around 6 minutes.

Future research:
Would his pace change with a different toy (he LOVES his frisbee)?
Would his pace change if another dog were playing with us? Little game of RACE !?

So maybe you're not keeping stats of your dog running, but I hope you're spending time playing with your dog! Dogs need exercise too!! Lack of exercise and play can lead to mischievous and destructive behavior (such as digging, chewing, and excessive barking). Benefits of exercise and play result in a healthy, strong, and confident four legged baby. For more information on exercise and play, check out this website from ASPCA.