If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Just a little change of scenery, NO GOODBYES.


"All things happen for a reason." That saying has been rammed down my throat my entire life. Though at times, I HATE to hear it, I live by it everyday.

Sometimes things suck, but then sometimes these "things" are amazing.

My current "thing" is on the line of AMAZING and SAD … well not really sad.

This past week I was lucky enough to have Mark home. For those of you that didn't know, Mark has been in Norfolk, VA. His time here in Mississippi was up and we made the decision at the beginning of the year that I would stay here in MS through his next tour. So he hasn't been home for a couple of months.

It hasn't been a hardship. Yes, we miss him, but as a military spouse (and I am sure any spouse that has a loved one work away from home) you learn to adapt and compartmentalize your life. You learn to live on your own, you get into your own groove (heck into so much of a groove that when they come home they disrupt your life like a hurricane; leaving you staring at them with CRAZY eyes but you don't do anything because you know they are just happy to be with family again).

We miss him. He misses us.

My husband isn't a very emotional man. He is the typical grumpy old man with a heart of gold. He may not smother me in crazy amounts of "I love you's" and flowers but he shows his love in deeper ways.

So I was surprised when he said to me in a wee bit of a yearning voice, "When the ship moves down to Jacksonville, you will be there."… Excuse me? All I really said was "O.K" <----- then pulled the phone away from my ear, and mouthed "OMG" to Lisa.

Mark's trip home only confirmed his want/need for us to be where he will be stationed, even if it's for a short time. Who am I to say no? My love asked me to come and be with him so he can have as much time with us as possible before a long deployment. Heck to the YES, I will be there and smother you in obnoxious love like Miss Piggy!

The move thing is easier said then done. Well to be honest, it's easy for me. I am not gonna lie.

I am a wanderer. People are always shocked or feel bad about the negative side of being a military family. We move, A LOT. I love it though. I am ALWAYS ready for the next thing. Always looking forward to a new adventure/challenge. Though I will miss all the friends I've made here, I don't like looking at things as a "goodbye", it's more of an "I'll see you later". If you make it seem like a goodbye, I will cry, then I will be mad, and you don't want me mad :)

Also, Gulf Coast, please take note, that in my husbands line of work within the NAVY there is a 100% chance of us moving back here in the future. So you shall be stuck with me… again.

What do I say now? I say, "I'll see you later". We have Facebook and this blog. Lisa and I will STILL be traveling. Now we have whole new adventures to tackle in the state of Florida!

Did I mention we're moving to Jacksonville, FL? Do you have friends there? Do YOU live there? Do you want to be friends and go on long bike rides?

If you have read previous posts of mine, you know I am weird with emotions… I am still here though. The next 2 months will be crazy. You will get rants of complete bliss of the unknown and rants about the psychotic mess it is to move your entire life.

But yeah…. **shifting uncomfortable in my seat, looking up at the ceiling**

"NO GOODBYES!!!" **As I run away, and most likely run into a wall because I am looking at you stare at me in shock that I just jumped up and ran away because I refuse to say good bye, please bare with me.**