If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Race Recap: First Light Half Marathon


I'm really excited to talk about (and brag about) this race!! This is my 2nd or 3rd (I think 3rd) time running this event and both times I've had to add extra miles in training for Rock n' Roll full marathon. And both times, I've really enjoyed the venue/course. So, let's talk about it!!


I like the course as it stays within the city which always makes for a fast course. There are plenty of turns but not too many that it slows ya down. It's a Boston qualifier course too ~ although I've never been interested in that...
I would say it's a pretty course as well; lots of oak trees and pretty neighborhoods. There are times on the route that I feel like I'm running through New Orleans which also has some gorgeous oak trees. The spectators are always fun and kind and police support is ON POINT. Seriously, the best of any race I've ever done. They block and guide traffic (which is low) AND cheer us on.

The finish line is straight down Bienville Square (Dauphin Street) and an after party there at the park. A lively finish line; lots of people, music, and announcements. Free beer, red beans and rice, and pasta salad filled our pallets.


My goal for this year was somewhere between a 10:30 and 11 minute mile. I had a few of my athletes running today as well. We actually had 16 miles to run and TRUST me, it's easier to accomplish this kind of distance with a half in front of those last 3 miles.

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So we set out... Chad taking off, then Jerry, then me, Amy, Melody, and Sheree. Jesse took off with the angels before the official start. Saw lots of familiar faces too!! Ryker #teamzoot, Eddie, and Teresa and Patrick. I just love seeing friends at events. It makes me so proud of them and all their accomplishments.

Jerry and I were running together and probably a bit too fast at first. And even though we noted that at mile 1, we ran our fastest mile at 2... but then got ahold of ourselves. Amy was just behind us, actually catching and passing us each time we walked to take in nutrition. We chatted. And ran. And enjoyed the run. We got rained on a little and it was chilly. We were super glad we had decided to keep on our long sleeve shirts and I was really glad I had gloves on. Poor Jerry and his frozen fingers!

You don't need a mile by mile recap... we crossed the finish line ALL TOGETHER (unofficially) at 2:11 and set right back out for our additional 3 miles. Amy and I were rocking it with Jerry just behind us. Making our 16 miles we went straight for the beer and food. We linked up with Sheree who ran an AMAZING half marathon as well, congratulated Ryker on his win, Eddie on his win, and a few other friendly high fives and hugs. We got cold. Quick. And headed back for home.

Amy and Jerry truly rocked me through this 16 miles. We had such a strong run that I don't think I would have nailed without them. And meanwhile back home, the rest of the team knocked out their own 9 and 16 miles...


I'm elated for such a strong finish. AND... my knee didn't hurt. Of course I felt it, but no PAIN. YES!!
(still getting my shots tomorrow though!!). I recommend you make this your race in 2017!!