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Ironman 70.3 New Orleans Part 5: CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES

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FINISH LINE!! And under 6 hours without trying.
Final NOLA 70.3 time: 5:50:01 ~ my fastest 70.3 time to date! Woohoo!!
I was thrilled. My cheeks hurt from smiling so hard. And the best, throwing my arms around Pamela while she put my medal on. It's AMAZING to have one of your best friends at a finish line.

I was more happy to finish NOLA 70.3 only to turn around and watch all my athletes finish!!
Brandon had already come in but that didn't mean he didn't get a sweaty hug from Coach. Pamela rushed off to get him (if I left the finish chute I couldn't return). He was ear to ear smiles. He also broke 6 hours with a 5:56 finish. SO PROUD!! In no time at all, Molly came sprinting through the finish line. Just over 6 hours - brilliant!! Tears and smiles and hugs ~ I LOVE IT! We knew Charlene and Ed wouldn't be far back but we needed to recarb quick! Off to the beer tent...


Just as expected, Charlene and Ed came around the bend just under 7 hours finishing hand in hand.

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 Solid finish.

And even though I was a pacing nervous wreck, I knew Page had what it takes to meet the 8 hour time cut off. And when I saw her come around the bend, I nearly flew out of my skin!

An emotional finish.

The 6 of us started this journey together on December 1, 2014.
The 6 of us finished this journey together on April 19, 2015.
20 weeks ~ LIKE A BOSS!

A few celebratory drinks were in order...

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Mimosa's and Beers!!


 Friends and Family


NOLA provided Abita beers, pizza, and Popeye's at the finish line. There was live music and a DJ. Tons of energy and celebration. I don't have a single thing to complain about this race. The staff and volunteers did a remarkable job, the expo, venue, course, transition, and after party was great! Well done to everyone and a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to

Ironman 70.3 Finishers: Page, Charlene, Ed, Lisa, Brandon, and Molly:


A final night in NOLA to celebrate. Little bit of dancing <--- believe it. And a few cocktails.

I'm so proud of you team!!!!! Thank you so much for trusting me. Your dedication to the program and hard work lit a whole new fire under my ass. I want to train harder, Coach harder, and push more and more athletes to badass'ness. THANK YOU.

Enjoy your high and cherish this first 70.3 race for the rest of your life!