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Ironman 70.3 New Orleans Part 2: THE BEST SWIM EVER


As with every triathlon swim I've ever done, I stood there calm on the outside but freaking out on the inside. There's always the question of CAN I DO THIS!? and/or WHY AM I DOING THIS!?
And the complete panic of I'm going to DIE. Or forget how to swim. Or I don't even know WHAT the fear is sometimes. But it's fear. The swim is (for most of us) the scariest part of a triathlon.

Wishing Brandon off for a great swim, then Ed, being able to enter the water with Molly and Charlene was super calming. Page was last age group in and I just kept sending up good vibes for strength and confidence for her.

So the NOLA 70.3 swim start was confusing at first, but looking back, genius! They separated everyone into age groups, each with a special colored swim cap. Then they released 8 people at a time maybe 5-8 seconds apart jumping from a dock into the South Shore Harbor Marina. Many people were concerned about the quality of the water here but FYI, bacteria level testing came back with a green PASS. The water smelled, felt, tasted fine. The shape of the course is also different. It's kind of an M shape but the last leg goes to the right and out instead of down to form a complete M. I remember doing the same swim course for the 5i50 in the past (and not loving it. This is also the course where a girl tried to drown me "I'm freaking out, I'm freaking out!!"). This time though, SWIM SUCCESS!! It was super easy to break the swim up and with the spread of the athletes, it was a pretty clean, chaos free swim!

I felt amazing and seemed to be staying with my blue cap group. I certainly didn't think I was going to break any records, but I knew I was feeling strong and kept stroking right along. Rounding the final buoy, my favorite moment, with Ironman Texas (quickly approaching) on my mind, I realized, hey, I feel great and could totally go back and do that again. 2.4 miles, I'm ready for ya!! My confidence soared. Leaping from the water I look at my watch, 35 minutes!! HOLY MOLY, that's my best swim time YET!! I was so incredibly excited. I think the picture speaks for itself...

Great swim today at NOLA 70.3. Onward to a great bike and a decent run for a 5:50 finish. #ironman #triouradventure #teamTOA #teamzoot @smashfestqueen @ironmantri @teamzootse #zootzoot

It was funny, I was so thrilled I hollered to Peggy to get on FB and tell my mom I had the best swim of my life. The announcer overheard me and made sure to call me out and let me know he too would let my mom know. Ha ha ha!!

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 7.01.33 AM

Even more joy...
(it wasn't until after the race that I learned) all my athletes had incredible swim times as well!!

We had a about a 1/4 mile run from swim exit to T1. The race did a great job laying down carpet for us and blocking off a chute to guide us through quickly. The wetsuit strippers and jons along the way were an added bonus. Who doesn't pee in the water though!?

Official Swim Time: 36:04
T1: 3:49

Let's go bike 56 miles!...
Part 3 to come!