Monday, May 23, 2016

The Next Few Days

Thursday, May 19 - woke up early to get Phil to work so I can use his truck!
Had a few errands to run in Manhattan since Junction City is a complete shit hole. Seriously, why does the Army select the most disgusting shit hole towns in America to establish base? No where to shop, no where to get my nails done, I couldn't even find a place to get Jake's nails done! Manhattan is nearby though and it's a college town ~ aww, life. I know, *eye roll*, I'm a snob ;)

All errands done and we are ready to load. With deployment upon him, Phil and I managed to get the storage fun all separated, packed up in the trailer, and ready to move (to a new storage).


Dinner and cake (you mean you didn't see my SnapChat!? ~ you have to follow me! Ironmantrigirl). But it's an upside down apple cinnamon cake. And it turned out SO good. p.s. I didn't have any eggs to add RUH ROH. It was delicious though.
p.s.s. I did NOT find a pool to swim in today. And my energy is going CRAZY!!

Friday, May 20 - good morning!! The quickest download ever. Seriously, it took 28 minutes. I'm not kidding. We worked our booties off for those 28 minutes. Dropped Phil at work, got lost on base a few times, almost ran out of gas, and ultimately got my swim in! PHEW!! Y'all don't understand... I'm in taper AND I'm PMS'ing. I needed that swim something fierce. I swam 3,000 meters in 1:09. I like to get that done in an hour. Why am I so slow!?


Next order of business was taking the RV to a storage. How about I found a storage for only $20 a month! It's all fenced/locked in too. SCORE!! I sure hope my girl is there when I get back. HA! I hated to leave her behind but I can't exactly drive to Brazil. Well, maybe I could...

And can you believe it, I'm actually Googling Ironman for 2017 already. Yes that's right, I'm planning my next year and have barely made it through this year. But after this year, I'll have 2 more IM to complete to apply for Kona legacy. I cannot WAIT to go race in Kona. I mean, can you imagine, the best of the best. I NEED Kona!

Saturday, May 21 - I woke up a little later than I wanted to this morning. Traffic was already heavy at 8am. I headed out on the bike anyway. I quickly realized I was going to die and headed back to Phil's and got on the trainer. I watched The Walking Dead ~ I do that in spurts. It's getting good again (in Season 4). And then packed my girl up for the trip to Brazil. Things are ready!




Cleaned up and headed to Wamego for the Oz Winery. You can't come to Kansas and NOT swing by the Oz Winery. It's unfortunate, I wasn't overly impressed. They could really play this whole Oz/Kansas/Dorothy thing up and they don't. If that were MY town, the road would be yellow brick (or maybe the sidewalk??) and I would Wizard of Oz the shit out of everything. Bring in some cash flow for your town!! Anyway...
Instead we sipped Oz themes wine like Witch Squash, Curl Your Stockings, and Flying Monkeys.


We had a few local brews and dinner at the Little Red Apple Brewery Company back in Manhattan, celebrating Phil's 34th birthday. The steak flatbread was on point! The service was questionable. An early night back at Phil's apartment. I've got him hooked on Gossip Girl ~ Ha ha ha ha ha!

Sunday, May 22 - up early to play with Jake. My right knee is hurting so I'm not going to run on it. I'll run Monday night when I get to Brazil; I'll need to explore the area anyway.
Headed out for Brazil in the late afternoon.

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