If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Accountability: 5 Weeks

A bit of recovery week. Next week will be peak hours then taper.

Monday - due to a busy schedule I had to split today's run up. I knocked out 6.66 in the a.m. then 4.44 in the p.m. Hot hot day!! I love sweating and running. Monday sushi night!!

Tuesday - a quick swim this morning, 30 minutes continuous. Done!! Spent the morning in Mobile working details for Tri the Gulf and the afternoon hanging with Amber's kids.

Wednesday - today involved a lot of pacing and then a bit of creativity. I can't disclose what's happening, but it's happening!! And it's HUGE! Stay tuned...

Thursday - after nearly floating away and/or blowing away!, the weather finally cleared and I hit the gym for a 90 minute spin and 30 minutes of strength training ~ hit that HARD!

Friday - the same secrets from Wednesday took over my morning again so I didn't get a workout in. Spent the rest of the day working at the shop. I have a full weekend ahead of me...

Saturday - 70 miles with Amanda in Fairhope (50 of those with Jessie as well).

Sunday - running with logs, pulling trucks, running weights through sand ~ tough day!