If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Accountability: Week 2

Winding into my final days, DAYS to Ironman Brazil. Saturday in Texas was really motivating. It made me want to race and actually, mentally, made me feel ready! I also finally looked at the Brazil courses. The swim course looks FUN! <--- I can't believe I actually just typed that out loud!

Monday, May 16 - got to Kansas around 9pm last night and stayed up chatting with Phil for too late. I didn't wake up until 8am!! WHAT!? I'm currently sipping on coffee and looking at training schedules. I'll figure out what I'm going to do on the fly...
"This is the most unproductive I've ever seen you." UGH, PHIL! *eye roll* mind your own business!

Tuesday, May 17 - okay, I'm off my ass. I went searching for a pool. After driving around base for 3 different ones, my frustration caught up with me. I'll just bike! So I got on the trainer for an hour. I also went through storage which meant all kinds of strength training.
ST (kinda)

Wednesday, May 18 - I found a local pool, the Y. And boy was that a mistake! But I got 500 yards in. Then I ran for 40minutes. You can read more on my adventures post.
SWIM (kinda)

Thursday, May 19 - loading and unloading.
ST (kinda)

Friday, May 20 - 3,000 meter swim. FINALLY!!

Saturday, May 21 - 1 hour outside and 2 inside on the trainer. Oz Winery and Little Apple Brewery. Bike is packed up and ready for transport.

Sunday, May 22 - it's BRAZIL time!!