If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

How to Pick Your (triathlon) Run Gear

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There's only one thing you NEED to run. Shoes. Okay, you NEED clothes too. But do ya really!? *wink wink*

Shoes: GO GET YOUR GAIT ANALYZED!! Head to your local run shop and let them analyze your gait (stride). If they don't put you on a treadmill, go to a different one. A good run shop will film you running and show you what's happening with each strike and stride. Shoes are made at different support levels (neutral, guidance, support, control). You either over pronate, supinate, or you're neutral. You also either have flat, low, medium, or high arches. A good shop will check that out too on a pressure plate. Just because you flat feet does not mean you over pronate. Someone professional needs to watch you stand, walk, and RUN. Don't guess on this and don't take some online quiz, go get your gait analyzed. I can't tell you how many times (a day) someone walks in our shop chattering about how flat their feet are and how they roll out just to put them on the pressure plate and show them they have a HIGH arch and then film their run to show them how they have a NEUTRAL gait (eye roll) ~ just go get analyzed. And then pick your shoes based on that.

Clothes: light, comfortable, weather appropriate, and if it chafes, don't wear it again!! 
Put your energy into the right shoes ^^^
I will say avoid cotton. It's hot and heavy and holds in moisture. Ditch the cotton!! You want moisture wicking and breathable. 

There's a lot of gear and gadgets out there that make running more comfortable and enhance the overall experience...

Run watch, heart rate monitor, sunglasses, visors vs. hats, handheld water bottles, waste pack water bottles, camelbak water bottles, phone sleeves, belts, headphones and music players, socks ~ so many socks to pick from!!, lights and reflective gear, compression, anti-chafing creams, and recovery tools. This is all personal choice picks. Read reviews, do some research, and consider while you're running, 'what would make this run more delightful'? And then go find it, it exists! And it's mostly affordable. 

Running doesn't have to suck, be comfortable!!