If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Tapering and PMS


Most of you are well aware of the Taper Crazies, right? And most of you are aware of PMS, right? Well what happens when one is mixed up in both? Uhm...



Seriously, I feel like a hungry bat shit crazy bloated fat cow disaster.
Now put me in the same house, ha, the same STATE as Phil, and we are like WWF meets WCW (wait they did that already didn't they, WWE??). Anyway, I don't watch wrestling. That shit is fake and stupid. Change the channel. Ugh.

I'm fine. Almost sweet. I made dinner. Go to HELL. Eat shit and get out of my WAY!? Aww, thank you for buying me wine, what do you MEAN I have to wait until 11am!? Give me your pizza. And chips. And candy. NOWWWW! I ate an entire bag of potato chips. AN ENTIRE BAG!!

My right knee hurts. It's never hurt before. And my shoulder, what the fuck is happening with my shoulder!? And my damn eye keeps twitching. Why am I SO hungry. I'm not playing, I'm HUNGRY. It's 5pm, bedtime? 6pm. 7pm. 8pm. I can't even, goodnight. Cracking up to cranky... I'm losing my GD MIND!!

BTW, it's cold in Kansas. And I hate it here.
But I'm having a really good day! :D