Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Adventures Continue...


So if you haven't noticed, I'm somewhat "journaling" my trip. I guess I'm actually blogging my trip... It's as much for personal record as for sharing so bear with me. Or enjoy it! Hell, I don't even know who's reading this right now, but I'm super glad you are!! Thanks!! So, let's journey (journal, see what I did there!? ;)...


Tuesday, May 17 - I'm still in Kansas. I'll be here until I fly to Brazil. "Where are you?" KANSAS! "Oh, like it's such a normal thing for Coach to be in Kansas." ~she replied with sarcasm. This is where Phil leaves and he's keeping my RV and Jake while I'm in Brazil. And Jake is a mess! He knows I'm leaving; he obviously senses it and every time we come here, I do. But he doesn't know when. So he's super pacey and mopey and holding on to me for dear life. Poor guy, I know it must be so stressful. I'm loving him and trying to explain.

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 7.56.10 AM

I woke up with two phone calls this morning, two friends in tears. One over joyed and one full of sorrow. I already miss my friends and feel like I need to be there for them. I kind of feel like glue sometimes. I'm a damn mess, but able to hold everyone and everything all together. That's self proclaimed obviously but I bet my friends would agree. I (like to) think it's because I listen without judgement, advise without ego, and accept you for just the way you are. *shrug* maybe my friends would disagree? But the damn mess part is right. That shit gets all over the place; I don't care how careful you are with it!

I finished a 1 hour trainer ride just in time for the fridge repair guy to come. Why is it that men decide to just "live with" the broken if they can't fix it themselves? Phil, there's water in your drawers leaked from the freezer. That means that something isn't right. And you live in an apartment complex; they have people for this! Got that taken care of. *eye roll*


I also got through storage. We decided that we (I) would go through every single box in there and separate Lisa, Phil, and garage sale. I feel like this is the third time we've done this. It's actually the 4th. I either say EFF this half way through or I think I'm done. This time, it's DONE. Half the storage will go to Missouri for a garage sale. The other half will be moved this weekend to yet another storage. Spaghetti squash and vino for dinner, a hard laugh with Phil (see video), and I'm done too.

Wednesday, May 18 - I found a pool today, the local Y. It was kind of a nightmare. The fun part was riding Phil's mountain bike to it. It was only a mile away. I head inside, no one at the desk. Okay *shrug* so I go to the locker room. I find my way through the maze and enter the pool. There's a few people meandering around the edge, but no one swimming. It's a lap pool, but no lane buoys. I jump in and WHOA, it's crazy hot! Like 90* hot!! I can do this. I decided to swim 1000-1600, see how it goes. I'm swimming back and forth when suddenly there are people WALKING all around me. Uhm, what the heck is happening!? Apparently an aerobics class started and they go back and forth across the lanes. But I'm SWIMMING! Like the honey badger, they don't give a shit. I stop, get out, take a video of their intrusions and ultimately call the swim at 500 yards. I don't have time for an old person gang fight at the Y. Plus I didn't pay or anything. Plus I was sweating in there and my goggles kept fogging up.

I biked the mile back to the apartment and got ready for my run. 40 minutes. I decided during mile 1 I was going to do negative splits: 10:24, 10, 9:24, and my goal for 4 was 9. Except I forgot one thing...that GIANT ASS hill that goes back to Phil's place. Oh good grief... I was able to run out a 9:38 but that was hard.

I also searched for a nail place today. I walked in two, and they both disgusted me. Big time no! It's awful here! If I had to live here... I'd never live here! Manhattan is nearby though so I'm heading that way tomorrow. No where to swim, shop, or get my nails done ~ #whitegirlproblems HA!


Jake and I hiked a little trail and took photos the rest of the day followed by dinner and early to bed.



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