If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

You've Never Seen Yourself

Have you ever wondered what you really look like?
I mean, you know what you look like in pictures and in your reflection, but you've never ACTUALLY seen your own face.
Kinda wild, isn't it?

Do you know that scientists actually believe that if you ever did see yourself, you wouldn't recognize yourself because your idea of what you look like is so different from what you actually look like?

We are so hard on ourselves, constantly criticizing our beauty and pointing out our flaws. But the truth is, we really have no idea what we really look like. Does anyone else find this completely mind blowing? I wonder if we could see ourselves how different our self image would be? Do you think it would change? Would you want to see?

All this ^ leads my crazy thoughts to this... we each see (perceive??) things so differently. So something that is attractive or unattractive to you isn't to me. Oh man, what if you saw yourself actually and realized you had a characteristic that you find completely unattractive. That'd be damaging to your self-esteem forever! Whoa, maybe I DON'T want to really see myself (not that I'll ever have that opportunity anyway). Or maybe you'll be like WOW, I'm freaking gorgeous and then you'll be a cocky lil beauty queen (king) running around...

Not only will I never see my own face, but I'll never see my face the way you see my face (since we see different). And that blows my mind even more.
Every single one of us looks completely different to every single one of us.