If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Minor Meltdown

Our space is small. And I feel guilty leaving Jake at home so every chance I get, he comes with me. Even if it's just a short walk to the "laundromat".

So we're throwing in a load of laundry at the "laundromat" ~recall, one of the newest things I have to do and don't enjoy. He hears some people outside and being a protective lab, barks. Loud. And a lot. So what happens next, the property manager knocks on the door. OH LORD... Jake goes ape shit, my arms are full of clothes, and she's at the window "he can't be in there, he can't be there!" She opens the door. Umm, hello, what do you think protective barking dog is going to do? Sit nicely and give you his paw, NO, he's going to yell at you to BACK OFF his momma.
"He can't be in there, you need to get him out NOW. You are breaking the rules!" <--- insert super annoying bossy squeaky whiny voice.

Okay lady, 1) Jake is a service dog so he CAN be in here and 2) the whole situation just overflowed my glass. I broke down in anger tears, "What do you want me to do with him lady!? Leave him locked up in our tiny little RV? Chain him to a tree!? That's against the rules too! Your rules are STUPID. Jake, enough! *bark bark bark bark* Jake, sit! *bark bark bark* He's not hurting anyone! I'm not hurting anyone, "rules are rules" LET ME DO MY FREAKING LAUNDRY! *bark bark bark*

She rushed back to and hid in her office. And then popped her head out, "You're going to have to bring me his paperwork." AHHH, she got the DEATH look.

Minor meltdown. Ever have one? Over the tiniest little nothing? Kinda just a breaking point?
I sat on the floor of my RV sobbing. This is so different. Life is so different. Jake is behaving different. Lisa is different. I peeled myself off the floor at least and Jake crawled on my lap. I felt like he was saying, it's okay momma. I'll be good. This is good. We'll be good. Different is... different... but it's good too. It's GOOOOD <--- Jim Carrey voice in Bruce Almighty. Made me giggle. Thanks Jake.

I went back and apologized to the lady who apologized to me too. She caught me in a moment, on the brink of a meltdown. I gave her Jake's paperwork and promised her we'd all get used to this.
My favorite vet offered me a great piece of advice, a thunder shirt to help comfort Jake with all these changes. I think I'm going to go ahead and do that. I wonder if they make human size ones too???

A good hour on the trainer will fix everything...