If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Pinot Noir, Pizza, and Home Alone

Jake and I are dog/house sitting the rest of this week for a friend. That means I get to stay in a house! Not that I don't love my own house, but I get to "spread out" for a few minutes and Jake gets a fenced in back yard with a friend.

I'm pretty pumped. Mostly because 1) I can make Christmas sweets 2) I can watch all the Christmas movies on tv ~I don't know when exactly all that is going to happen with my packed schedule, but it sounds good ;)
and 3) they have a Christmas tree up which makes me OH SO HAPPY!
IMAG3614_1 So on our night one, I am enjoying a gluten free veggie pizza, pinot noir, lentil chips, and some Home Alone. Jake is enjoying the back yard (mud and water) with his new bestie. We are happy.