If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Way More Comfortable

IMAG3476_1 IMAG3477_1
"How's the RV life?"
Uhhh, how's the HOUSE life!?
People make me giggle, it's LIFE and it's BEAUTIFUL!!

How is my comfort? I am getting more and more comfortable everyday. Jake is adjusting and acting normal again ~happy! (although he looks confused?? in the above picture). I haven't had a single meltdown since my meltdown - it really IS good!! It's just like anything else in life, we are getting used to it.

Every morning I sip on my coffee while Jake sniffs around our yard. There's plenty to see with all the Seabee's making their way on to base. Then I go through emails and athlete schedules and usually Jake crawls back into bed. Our bed is seriously so comfortable! At 8am I get a 'wake up' <--- in the military this is called reveille; I use it as my 'go workout' alarm followed by the National Anthem. Boom our day is upon us!

I love being on base.
I love that all it takes is a small space heater to warm the room.
I love my bed.
I love that I get to watch news every morning!!  ~free tv!!
I love all the stuff that I DON'T need ~I'm actually going to downsize over the next few days.
I love all the extra time I've found ~I don't get it! I'm still busy, but I have so much more time!
I love my short drives.
I love how organized everything is/has to be. <--- OCD much!?
I love how easy it is to clean my space.
I love my neighbors.
I love that if I don't love my neighbors, I can move.
I love feeling FREE!

My loves have truly out ruled my "hates" <--- which are really just dislikes. *shrug* no big deal.
I also received my first judgmental insult. Let me educate you real quick...these babies are the price and often the size of a house... I live in class not trash. I mean, I have a Keurig! ;) ;) ;)

So I'm sitting here tapping my toes and brain wheels are turning BECAUSE... I'm ready for an adventure!! Even if it's just a short bout of excitement, I'm ready for it...
What do you think about a "house warming" party 5k fun run??