If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Weird Things That Feel Good

Without getting all sexual but focusing on just being really strange...
How many of these can you actually DENY !?!?
Ha ha... a little bit of fun and some weird stuff that sure does feel good...

Q-tipping your ear. That sweet spot... Don't you feel like a dog thumping its leg ??

Pooping. Come on, we all do it. And it always feels good when it's over. I know, gross! Ha ha!!

Sneezing. Try to keep your eyes open. Impossible!

Clearing your nasal passage (think, successful snot blow on the bike, YES!).

Caffeine. Unless you OD, then it's very uncomfortable. But man, that feel good, getcha moving, fired up, jazzed on caffeine... so good.

Rubbing your eyes. Deep and hard!! Especially in the shower. I can't be the only one!

Popping knuckles, neck, back, etc. Relief! Love my chiro...crack...pop...snap...

Twirling hair (especially the end of a braid). I know lots of people that twirl their hair, it's a strange little habit but very calming.

Popping a zit. <--- popping someone ELSE'S zit!

Peeling skin (as in sunburnt skin). This one is a love or hate. Same as the zit one. But come on, don't lie!

Gas relief - burping, farting. Those words sound so crude, don't they? Ha ha, admit the feel good!!

What can you add to this list ???? What's something weird that feels good ????

Humans are gross. And weird. And I love them. Ha ha ha! Happy Tuesday friends!!