If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

I 'Mustache' You a Question

I remember the first time I realized I had a mustache...
20 years old. My boyfriend (at the time) and a close friend were headed to Canada. I had the visor mirror pulled down and the sun was hitting it just so. I exclaimed, "Man, I need to wax or something! I totally have a mustache. Why haven't y'all ever told me this!?" Their response, we thought you knew! OH MY GOSH! I think I bought a wax kit THAT night.

The next 14 years has been a combination of tweezing and ripping the hair from my mouth.

Why do we have to grow hair above our lip like a man!! Even though completely natural, normal, it's unsightly and embarrassing. But to be honest, I really don't notice it on other people like I do myself. Of course, I'm not all up in your face with bright light shining on your upper lip either so...
But for me to feel good about myself, there's things I have to do. And this includes waxing the stache!


I'm sick of waxing. It doesn't feel good. And I still have to tweeze between the torture. And the sticky nonsense that seems to end up...everywhere! Ugh, what's the point!? Oh yeah, the caterpillar that creeps up on my face...

I decided to try something new and I love it. Once again I'm feeling like, why hasn't anyone ever told me about this!? So in order to not deny you this little product of joy, I'm telling YOU about it. Cause let's just be real about the struggle... One word: NAIR! I really never believed Nair works. I remember it hitting the market back in the 80's. "Who wears shorts shorts? We wear short shorts. Nair for short shorts." Yeah right! That stuff doesn't work! If it did, the razor market would eat it. Well 30 years later, YES IT DOES WORK! And my upper lip is proof!

Smear it on, give it 5 minutes, wipe it off. I don't know what's happening or how it's happening, but it happened. Wipe - hair gone! Just like that? Just...like...that. No extra tweezing, no stray hairs. Good bye creepy little lady mustache, hello bright lights! I'm ready for my close up!! I'm interested in the product elsewhere...

You're welcome! ;)

p.s. I am NOT being paid for recommending this product. This is all my personal FREE opinion. This product was not sent to me nor was a request made to review this product.