If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Freeda Wander

People name their boats and their bikes so it felt appropriate to name Freeda as well. After brainstorming what it is I'm doing, I kept going back to one word, FREEDOM. Mom giggled and said, "Freeda...freeda do this, freeda do that." YES! Freeda!! Freeda wander the world. And there it was, Freeda Wander was born...

Our journey to stabilization began 1,600 miles ago in Chandler, Arizona (on a Friday). We loaded up and set out Friday morning around 10 a.m. We (= my Mom who took on this adventure with me ~ I told you she is the best!!) agreed that 200-300 miles each made the most sense since it's a little tough to drive a rig of this size. I took to the RV quickly. Nervous about reaching 70+ mph at first, I got comfortable by about 100 miles. Jake was pretty okay about sharing the co-pilot seat with Mom. Taking turns, mom got pretty comfortable behind the wheel quickly too. We cruised through Arizona and New Mexico and into Texas with no issues. Yay!! We spent the night at a rest stop.

Yes, I was pretty nervous about sleeping at a rest stop. We've all heard the scary stories and truck drivers and murderers and rapists. But seriously, if you break into THIS rv, you're getting attacked by a chocolate lab and a 380 so bring it on cowboy... Truth is, it wasn't scary at all! It was loud with all the PSHHHH air brake releases of the trucks, but a couple other RV's were parked too and it was completely fine.

We reached our 800 mile half way mark in Sonora, Texas around 10am Saturday morning. We were taking our time and making plenty of stops. We stopped at a little fenced in park to let Jake run and get our workout in. Moving and grooving, making sure we didn't get any pesky blood clots or anything. We had a few unmentionable pit stops, but overall, we were making good time. With about 3 hours to go and reaching midnight, we decided to stop for the night. Did you know that Louisiana doesn't have any rest stops? Walmart parking lot it is! And so we parked and slept in a Walmart parking lot. Ha!

Sunday: we were woken up to a fighter jet/street sweeper/leaf blower/road dragster/space shuttle ?? what the HELL is that noise rumbling back and forth by the RV !?! early. Neither of us looked out the RV but we both sat straight up like what the hell !? *shrug* street sweeper? Only to find there were leaves everywhere. We have no idea. So we grabbed a couple boiled eggs and rolled out. Final stretch.

Through Louisiana and into Mississippi...
I was on a mission.
First stop, pick up my car. Next, figure out where I'm gonna set up shop.

The first RV park we explored left a lot to be desired. It was more like a trailer park <--- which I knew would/could happen in this lifestyle but I'm a snob. I need posh. And I KNOW they exist because my Mom and stepdad spent a few years traveling high class. The RV's were piled on top of each other, there was stuff everywhere, underwear hanging from trees, people, kids, animals, noise, craziness. No, please, no. We high tailed it out of there and beelined to base.
Okay, now THIS is what I'm talking about. Clean. Space. Beautiful shiny RV's bigger than your house. Not quite POSH, but definitely class. We will call this home. Yay!

And so I parked Freeda. I launched her jacks, and plugged into power, water, and sewer. Boom. Home. Rushed off to meet with athletes...

I hate not having what I need so a trip to storage was mandatory on Monday. Thank goodness for my mother being here. We pretty much dragged everything out of storage to get to things I needed and wanted. I originally had most of that strategically laid out but I let my friends do what they could to get it all in. Completely grateful that they worked that magic a few weeks ago, I wasn't even a little bit angry about having to dig most of it out. It was stressful and I cursed and climbed and struggled. But it was good. I only couldn't find one box with food type items in it. Eh, whatever, replaceable. I couldn't find my box with cute dresses either. So a full on shopping day?? Anyone...anyone?? :D

Now bringing all this BACK to the RV, I was totally freaked out. There is a litttttttle bit of space and wholeeeeee lotta stuff. Mom made a great point...everything you need in life is pretty much 1 and a half loads in your Rav4 and what you took to Arizona. Yeah. Minimal. NEED. She also kept me from being completely overwhelmed by bringing me one box or pile of items at a time to put away. Making a list of things I need as I went (such as a little wine rack to hang in the cabinet), everything found it's own spot inside. There's actually a whole lot of space in here and I have empty spots right now! I'm pretty stoked and confident - I can SO do this.

Feeling accomplished, we celebrated at Koi with some sushi and a much needed glass of wine. A quick visit with Pamela and Beau, a trip to Walmart <--- which was calm at 8pm!!, and we called it a night.

Waking up this morning I feel good. The shower is small, the small space gets dirty easy, I have to dump my own waste, and storage is limited. But the bed is CRAZY comfortable, I have complete freedom and control of where and when I live, my neighbors are experts and willing to lend a hand, and it feels like home. Life is good. I am happy. Jake and I are Freeda Wander...

And SOOOO many adventures await!!!!!!!!

My Kitchen
My Guest Bedroom
A perfect find for the bathroom!!