If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

The Great Egg

I eat 2-3 eggs every morning. Who doesn't love eggs?! I mean, talk about a versatile food! Spice em up, avocado, bacon, salsa, ketchup, whatever you fancy, they're DELICIOUS and HEALTHY and EASY! Stacked full of protein, Wheaties got nothing on eggs - the real breakfast of champions!

So what's better for you athletes, the egg yolks or the egg whites? Hold your socks on, I'm about to break it down...

The egg yolk is about 55 calories of fat-soluble vitamins, essential fatty acids, PROTEIN and other nutrients (see below). While there has been debate over the amount of cholesterol in the egg yolk, new research shows that moderate consumption does NOT have a negative impact on cholesterol. Research suggests that it is actually saturated fat that raises cholesterol rather than dietary cholesterol (such as that which is in the yolk). (I am not a doctor. All of my information comes from the USDA and research. Talk to your own doctor for your own dietary needs).

The egg white is about 20 calories of sodium, PROTEIN, magnesium, potassium, and other nutrients (see below). Low calorie - fat free, and packed with protein. Who can beat that!?

Did you notice all the PROTEIN ^^ WooHoo!

Let's break it down even further...

Nutrients: Egg Yolks Versus Egg Whites (courtesy of the USDA)

NutrientWhiteYolk% Total in White% Total in Yolk
Protein3.6 g2.7g57%43%
Calcium2.3 mg21.9 mg9.5%90.5%
Magnesium3.6 mg0.85 mg80.8%19.2%
Iron0.03 mg0.4 mg6.2%93.8%
Phosphorus5 mg66.3 mg7%93%
Potassium53.8 mg18.5 mg74.4%25.6%
Sodium54.8 mg8.2 mg87%13%
Zinc0.01 mg0.4 mg0.2%99.8%
Copper0.008 mg0.013 mg38%62%
Manganese0.004 mg0.009 mg30.8%69.2%
Selenium6.6 mcg9.5 mcg41%59%
Thiamin0.01 mg0.03 mg3.2%96.8%
Riboflavin0.145 mg0.09 mg61.7%48.3%
Niacin0.035 mg0.004 mg89.7%9.3%
Pantothenic acid.0.63 mg0.51 mg11%89%
B60.002 mg0.059 mg3.3%96.7%
Folate1.3 mcg24.8 mcg5%95%
B120.03 mcg0.331 mcg8.3%91.7%
Vitamin A0 IU245 IU0%100%
Vitamin E0 mg0.684 mg0%100%
Vitamin D0 IU18.3 IU0%100%
Vitamin K0 IU0.119 IU0%100%
DHA and AA094 mg0%100%
Carotenoids0 mcg21 mcg0%100%
As you can see the egg YOLK actually has more nutrients. But look at all that protein in the white...

I'm going to say to get the best of the best - EAT THE WHOLE EGG!

How do you like YOUR eggs?