If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Sleepy Time

If you've been wondering where I've been... I've been asleep.

Seriously, I only know what day it is because I'm at the shop. Barely awake. Dragging through the day with an extra large RedBull and "WAKE UP!!"s from Dean and Luke.

I wake up long enough to get a workout in (on somedays), use the bathroom, and eat some food. I've somehow managed to keep athlete schedules up to date and get a little bit of Run-N-Tri work done too. I can't promise that it's my best, but in between comatose, I'm getting it done.

Today, day 5, I've got a low grade fever going on. A few friends think I have mono. Scarily, it's going around. Whatever it is, has captured about 18 hours a day of my attention (SLEEPING!). When awake, my body feels fine, I have no other symptoms (until this low grade fever today) but my eyes feel like they're on fire and just want to be closed. At first I thought, hmm, PMS, no biggie. My training is minimal and even though I'm 800mph, that's no different than I've been for years. So, shrug, I don't know! Lab work on Monday!

So in case you've thought, hmm, where's Lisa been? I'm asleep! A little groggy, but happy still!