If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!


(Christinas notes for 1st blog post. As you can see we are creative.)

Tis come time for a central point to share some of our epic adventures. 

Between Lisa's famous Facebook notes and Christina's Knitty Triathlete blog, we have so many ideas, adventures, shenanigans, vampire encounters (O.K maybe not vampire encounters), but just so many crazy things that we have gotten into in the last 2 years that we thought that it was time that we started a blog.

Some of the things that you will experience:
Travel Tips
Race Reports
Travel Adventures
Inspirational stories
Product Reviews
Book Reviews
And stuff we just love and feel the need to share!

Stay tuned for future adventures, and flashbacks from previous treks. We welcome comments, suggestions, and questions. 

Thanks for reading and welcome to #TRIOURADVENTURE