If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Going Greek

Original Gyro, Kids Smiley Face Potato Rounds, Alli's Pickles
A spontaneous adventure to Dauphin Island meant we needed lunch, quick! Where do you wanna eat!? Let's TRI that greek place in D'Iberville...

Aristo's offers traditional gyro's, chicken wraps, and salads. Walking into the joint we weren't really sure if we were supposed to just go sit down or go order at the counter (a cute sign would be super helpful). At the counter we were directed to have a seat where ever we wanted. The server arrived quickly to help. She also brought placemats and crayons for the kids. We do love places that entertain the little ones!

Since we've been talking about fried pickles for weeks, we ordered Alli's Pickles: sliced pickles breaded and fried to a golden brown. They were good; the creamy feta ranch dip that was served with them was EXCELLENT. Chris remarked that she needed it bottled so she could put it on everything.

Next on our plates, the traditional Gyro of course! Stuffed full of gyro meat, lettuce, tomato, onion, and Z sauce, these pita bread wraps were TASTY! The pita bread was warm and soft, the gyro meat full of flavor, and the Z sauce was a perfect blend of flavor. It was also a great size for the value.
For the kids, CornDogs and Smiley Face Potato Rounds. They didn't complain and they ate well.

Prepared to pay and head out, we ordered two Baklava which came with a little bit of attitude. We sure didn't appreciate that from the cashier, but our server was nice and we were in a hurry (don't expect too much out of the staff at Aristo's). Really, a friendlier environment wouldn't kill the place. Back to the Baklava...layers of filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and sweet honey caressed our pallets. It was absolutely heavenly! I would personally return JUST for the Baklava (which I just found out you get a FREE order of when you check in at Aristo's with Yelp!). Next time for sure!

Overall, we had an ordinary experience at Aristo's. The kids were kept entertained, the food was good, and the dessert was excellent. Service was fast, not entirely friendly, and the meal was a reasonable cost for two adults and two kids. Run Star Rating: 5k