If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Unfortunate Accident and Bicycle Awareness

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 8.40.03 AMA tragic story of a triathlete killed by a motorist in New Orleans. Our hearts are broken for the family and friends. We are sad and angry and frustrated! This shouldn't be happening; there are laws to protect us!

It was just over a year ago that I too was caught up in a hit and run in New Orleans. Excited to get a 100 ride in on the levee, I had to ride a stretch of road off the levee where the bike path was under construction. Common for cyclists to do, the motorists didn't get the memo. I had just crossed over railroad tracks and it was misting outside. I remember feeling the impact on my rear tire and then my body thrown to the ground. My only thought was that the next car is going to slam into me and I was going to be killed in the middle of the road. I jumped and dragged myself and my bike out of the middle of the road to watch the traffic continue around me. When not a soul stopped to see if I was alright, I put my battered body back on my bike and finished the mile stretch to get back to my car. I wasn't severely damaged nor was my bike but I was very shaken up. Christina, who was working at expo downtown, was called to the scene to pick me up.

I got lucky that day. I was able to continue training and I went on to complete Ironman Los Cabos 2013. But this cyclists wasn't and so many others aren't. Not only is the 3 foot law and bicycle laws of road unknown, they are blatantly ignored. I can see the faces of motorists when they have to slow down for 4 seconds to safely pass a bike. You are protected by tons of steel; us, only a styrofoam helmet.

 Motorist, you have to pay attention. We are human beings just like you. We aren't indestructible or aliens taking over your roads. We are mothers, fathers, sisters, brother, wives, husbands, friends, family, just trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoy a bike ride. Someone loves us and you are about to destroy our lives and the lives of so many around us AND for what!? Lack of patience? Irritation? Because you're running late? Is any of that worth murder?

We have rights to the road too. Know and obey the laws for your state. Respect and obey 'Share the Road'. Educate your people and advocate bicycle awareness; we can save lives!

Bike Easy is an organization dedicated to bicycle advocacy efforts. Get involved, sign their petition.
Share the Road is an organization dedicated to education and awareness for bicycle and motorist safety.
Frank Guinn leaves behind 3 young daughters and a beautiful wife. A fund has been set up to help the family. May Frank Rest in Peace and the family find peace and hope in this tragic accident.