If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Fairhope Vintage

IMG_9786IMG_9781 IMG_9785
IMG_9787IMG_9788There are times I feel as though we are Pinky & The Brain…

"What are we doing this weekend Chris?"
"Um, I don't know, how about pictures with the Easter Bunny and some thrifting?"

One of the best parts about some adventuring, are the people. Sometimes they are crazy, sweet, mean, super cray cray, but they add a little glitter to the outing.

That being said I think we met Bonnie (from Bonnie & Clyde) trapped in a time warp in this little shop. She was dressed as though she belonged in the 20's and was an outlaw. Like seriously.

She was full of entertainment for my psychotic children running around, asked for our opinions on which hat would be best, and told us of a time where local police paid for her breakfast & a ticket to New Orleans.

Lisa and I look at each other like "whhhhaaa?". This lady is crazy and totally flipping awesome.

Awesome Finds:
Lisa found some retro 60's/70's tunic. That girl is fine tuned to find the most psychedelic 60's/70's clothing!
The lamps! Look at those beautiful lamps. Too big? No. PERFECT.
I spy a Sophia purse (from the Golden Girls)
Hats, HATS, HATS! Where the heck would we wear these hats?
Scored vintage Hawaiian shirts for the Full Moon Paddle (pics to come)
Vintage Rooster apron. Nuff said.

We also gorged ourselves on Olive Garden, lost our minds in Goodwill and took a photo with a totally rad Bunny. Just a regular Saturday!