If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Welcome to Mississippi, We're Gonna Ride 100 Miles


"Let's get it done and scare the shit out of Joe."
This is what I opened my Training Peaks workout schedule to. Ha, I love my Coach!

Rewind: we met Joe in the Ironman Arizona volunteer sign up line back in November. Right away he fit in with our crazy and spent the next 10 hours or so with us before registering for Ironman Arizona 2014. Woot Woot!!

Fast Forward: headed to Mississippi for a weekend with us, Joe was (is) in for a TREAT! We welcomed him by heading to the Hattiesburg Longleaf Trace for an easy 100 mile bike ride (please note that Chris just had ASS surgery and Joe hasn't been on a bike in months!!).

I knew right away that the 100 miles should only be about 50 and so be it. Miles of trees, Beaver Pond, the sewing machine MUST STOP detour, more trees. We got it done, we scared the shit out of Joe, everyone's ass hurt, we ate some Firehouse Sub, and called it a day. Always an adventure!