If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Dauphin Island & Bayou La Batre

"Just got a text from Luke, swimming at Dauphin Island, wanna go?"
"I'll pick you up in 30 minutes."

This is how a random trip to Alabama hatched up.

Bunch of local triathletes are prepping for the Gulfcoast triathlon beginning of May. The swim is known to be rough, so they have been making trips out to some choppy gulf water to prep. So we tagged along :)

Major brownie points to the everyone that swam out there. Waters were bad. I don't see any triathlon actually letting people swim in that. I think I have had one too many bad swim experiences to want to purposely swim in that washing machine.

Trip Highlights:

  • Building sand castles (apparently Lisa is a pro)
  • Making sure the kids didn't get sucked out into the ocean
  • Prepping to be attacked be creepy cholos
  • Shopping for souvenirs (I need my postcards, and Lisa collects magnets)
  • NOT being able to find a place to eat in Bayou La Batre (place is a total ghost town on Sunday)
  • Meeting a random old dude down next to the shrimping boats asking us to come back next weekend for the Blessing of the Fleet
These random weekend adventures have been my saving grace. Though adventuring with a 4 & 6 year old can be borderline INSANE. 

Also I had NO clue we were only a little over an hour away from Bayou La Batre…. Dude, Forrest Gump had his shrimping boat Jenny parked there!! Though it was a ghost town on Sunday, it's definitely a town you need to dig in to to experience the southern shrimping life.

We will be back….