If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

The Adoptable Friend

Hola! Christina here.

First thing: Happy Belated Easter!

Second, well I am going to talk about friendship, and how look at friendship… or don't look at it.

I am the worst friend ever. I suck at remembering anything. Keep in touch? Hope you are on Facebook.

I believe that I am the worst friend because sometimes I don't know HOW to be a friend. I didn't grow up knowing how to be close to people. Its weird.

I can't even hug people. It freaks me out. If you come in for a hug just know that I am having a panic attack inside. Cant even hug my own family. My sister likes to come at me screaming "HUG TIME!!!" cause she thinks its so damn funny, we just don't hug. Don't worry though, there are times I am so thrilled that you will get a hug, or that I will accept a hug.

How have I had friendships? *shrug* I think I am just very adoptable.

Easy to get along with, just want to hang out, laugh, not say much, let the friend be who they need to be without judgement because in reality I don't have have time to judge you. Plus who cares! Be who you want to be, don't ever feel you need to hide it.

 ***FLASHBACK*** I have had someone refer me to a laid back surfer dude character of not caring, not in a bad way, I just let it flow, total "whatever" attitude but in a good way*** She was worried that it offended me that she referred to me that way, but it was pretty much dead on, whatever floats your boat.

My best friends (look I labeled you guys BFF, lame) know all this about me. Plus all my best friends are very "put together", very OUT THERE, very NEAT, popular, everyone loves them. BUT you need to sprinkle a touch of crazy on them. Cause seriously, non-crazy people scare me. I feel much safer knowing your a little "off". So they compliment my lunacy perfectly, where I lack they come in and save the day.

My best friends let me break down. Sounds bad, but I wait till steam is blowing out of my ears before I will admit to how much I am breaking down/freaking out inside. They say little, because they know its what I need. They also see my weird character and guide me in the right direction.

Im a bouncy ball that is bouncing all over the room, they bring me back to center and ask me "do you need an ice-cream sandwich? Now you STAY here, don't move while I try and find one.."

But just because I am laid back and I can't remember things, well it doesn't mean that I don't care. I think at times I care too much and take on the feelings of others and start freaking out myself, this leads to us BOTH freaking out, until Im like "This is BS, that is BS, lets move on!".

I am the funny little sidekick. Sometimes I don't like being the sidekick, well I really don't mind, but when people don't remember my name, I flip the fudge out, especially when I have fitted you for shoes 3 times and you turn to me and say "Aren't you Lisa's friend?" …… "HA HA HA, NO, Lisa is MY friend. Do you even know Lisa?" … I digress.

Sometimes I don't know where I am going with posts. This post was a thank you. Most of you are probably thinking "That is the worst thank you ever", but people who know me are like "she is probably freaking out about this".

Hi, my name is Christina and I don't like warm hugs.
I appreciate you understanding my awkward jokes that leave other people feeling uncomfortable.
I appreciate you NOT hugging me.
I appreciate you NOT getting mad at me if I haven't talked to you in 6 months, but I pick up the conversation where it left off and leave it feeling like we haven't missed a day.
I appreciate you taking initiative because I don't even know what day it is. Seriously today is my wedding anniversary and I didn't even know, I've just been happy I didn't miss my sons 6th birthday.
Last and not least, I appreciate you cutting off toddlers to take a photo with the Easter Bunny with me.

In the end, Im a weird friend, but its always the weird little dogs with character that get adopted right?

Hence why I am an adoptable friend.