If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Bourbon Street, Segways, and Easter Beignets

After subjecting Joe to a 50 mile bike ride, I decided to treat him to New Orleans for the Crescent City Classic 10k (this is normal, right!?). Eh, when you visit us from out of town, you're going to experience OUR WORLD! Hope you brought your running shoes Joe!

We started our adventure collecting our packets at the expo. Next on the agenda, FOOD! Found a hidden little gem, Lucy's Retired Surfers Bar. Felt appropriate, and we mowed down on some fried crawfish tails and Ahi tuna dip.

I couldn't NOT let Joe get a glimpse (and smell) of Bourbon Street so we hoofed it to the French Quarter. Joe was in awe by all the...everything. He commented how one block would be so gross with a homeless man peeing himself and the next is a fine dining garden seating area serving champagne and fresh salmon. "It's a lot to take in." We wrapped our first NOLA day up with some sushi at Rock-N-Sake and settled in for an early Friday night.

Saturday morning: the Crescent City Classic 10k was crazy fun!! Over 22,000 people joined up to run the 6.2 miles. We couldn't get over how big this 10k was! Tons of volunteers along the course, lots of support, music, and so many fun people running around us. His first run of the season, I was  little worried I had killed him...

I was determined to show Joe all the beauty that NOLA has to offer so what better way than a Segway!? Have you ever played on a Segway? AWESOME! We had a blast! The tour took us through dozens of different neighborhoods, to historical landmarks, the French Market, the French Quarter, the RiverWalk, and 3 hours of kick ass exploration. Once you get over the "I kinda feel like a dork factor", it's SUPER fun! A short break at a cute little coffee shop made the tour MORE than perfect!

Louisiana Pizza Kitchen was the icing on the cake for day 2.

Sunday, Easter morning in New Orleans HAD to include beignets at the famous Café Du Monde. No words can express beignet deliciousness. You just have to go get one. Or three!

The rest of Easter was spent Gator Huntin' with Cajun Encounters.
Swamp thoughts: it's bad ass. Super pretty. Swampy. Exactly as I imagined.

Gators are still coming out of hibernation so we only got to hang out with one. One was enough for Joe, he will NEVER do a triathlon in the south. Come on Joe, are gators THAT scary? Hell yes!
We also found some wild pigs that really wanted marshmallows from the boat Captain. Cute you think!? Until they EAT YOUR FACE OFF!
A quick dinner with friends and our crazy weekend of adventure was complete. Joe got the full Dirty South experience and is pretty much exhausted. A vacation is incomplete if it too does not require a vacation!! Bourbon Street, Segways, and Easter Beignets...we hope you enjoyed our Joe Coast Adventure as much as we did!! Next Joe adventure, UTAH!!!!