If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

What is it about cake!?

Photo courtesy of Allie Brosh, creator of Hyperbole and a Half

What is wrong with me that I crave cake!? And why the hell did I go and make one last night only to find myself stuffing it in my face for breakfast!? Why did I even HAVE a box of cake in my cabinet? Seriously, Miss Healthy Lifestyle over here doesn't even have any fresh veggies in her fridge, but I have a damn cake box in the pantry!? Where did this even come from!?

Cake for no reason? Sure Lisa, go ahead and fatten that ass up! Ahhh!! Damn cake.
Mmm, that moist, sweet, chocolatey, confectionary dream of delightfulness!

Throw the cake away.
EAT the cake.
Throw it away.
EAT it.

And please read the funniest damn blog post EVER regarding cake. That little gal is so ME.
(courtesy of Allie Brosh, writer of Hyperbole and a Half: The God of Cake, introduced to me by Chris a couple years ago. Man, we used to laugh so hard we'd be sobbing reading this blog).