If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

January Recap

WHOA! 2015 is already all about the adventure! Holy smokes...

Let's RECAP January (not for bragging purposes, just so I can remember this entire year <--- and have notes on it, month by month):
Polar Bear Plunge where over 50 of my favorite crazies plunged head and feet first into the OH SO COLD Gulf of Mexico. Brrr!! What a way to refresh for the new year! Later that weekend I got to spend time with more of my favorite people from Run-N-Tri Company sipping on a cold beer and devouring pizza from Leo's in Ocean Springs. 

January also kicked off Monday Fun Runs. I just love seeing sexy runners weekly *hearts*.

Before I knew it, I was off to Kansas for my first "RV Adventure". It was more than just an RV adventure though, it was PHIL RETURNS FROM GERMANY adventure and YES, it was QUITE the adventure. From his delayed flights then lost baggage and my rig freezing up... a 3 day tour turned into almost 7 days. We made a stop in Missouri to visit family and meet Phil's new baby brother. And then I dragged him back to Mississippi with me for the packing and loading of household goods in storage. All in all, we both survived and came out stronger.

Next up came Louisiana Half Marathon with Amanda. SO fun!! I declare this the best 1/2 marathon I've ever done. Great venue and course and the after party was outstanding. You can read more about it here.

A week later I dragged Amanda and Phil to run a marathon with Jennifer, Sam, and me. When I say dragged, I mean because neither of them were trained up for it! What a mean Coach I am!! I would have never asked them to run if I didn't know they couldn't do it though. And while their recovery time will be a little longer, they survived and with respectable times :D Read more here. Also worked the CEP booth at the event expo. So much compression going on!

I picked up several more athletes in January and NOLA/Nooga 70.3 group is ROCKING their training. Every Sunday we meet up to destroy a swim, bike, or run, or brick. Their determination fires me up weekly! I also (kinda) helped bottle feed a newborn calf.

What an amazing start to 2015. I'm so thankful and happy hearted. I can't wait to see what February brings us. And March, April, May, June... hold on to your socks!!