If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Fifty Shades of Grey


I'm not really looking forward to seeing this movie. Honestly, it looks kind of cheesy!

I'll be the first to admit I read the books back to back, without stopping, completely indulged in every chapter. The first one was great, the second better, the third got eh. But I stuck it out. They were all easy to read, I enjoyed the romance and sexuality of their relationship, and yeah, wished I had someone like Christian in my life too.

Watching previews, I'm disappointed by the actor/ress selection. They aren't even attractive. I want to see beautiful faces replicating the intrigue that I read. <-- I know, that sounds so shallow. But the book described these gorgeous people; where are the gorgeous people!? It also looks slow and dull. I'm sure there are exciting moments?? But it just looked dark and velvety (if that makes sense), maybe too tasteful?? and kind of... sanctimonious.

I've read many many opinions that Fifty Shades of Grey (dating back to the books), dangerously dramatizes sexual violence and glamorizes domestic abuse. I don't think that's true at all. We all have different wants and needs sexually. Some might think that your bedroom missionary sex dramatizes a boring dead marriage of boring dead sex glamorizing extramarital affairs, porn, and masturbation. I think both opinions sound stupid. Do you know there are people that enjoy sex with food? And animals? And CHILDREN! I think that's more dangerous (and disgusting) then anything this trilogy (and movie??) portrayed. So SHHH, stop judging people for wanting some freaky booty.

Pre-opinion, this movie should have went straight to Lifetime.
Anyone want to go see it with me?