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Favorite Pictures from Phone

Do you ever scroll through your camera shots on your phone? Believe it or not, I don't "share" every picture on FB or Instagram. Some are just there on my phone. 
So here are a few of my favorites (I have so many favorites!!!) from scrolling ALLLLL the way back... (you may have seen a couple here or there)
p.s. I'm sad because last December my phone blew up and I lost a lot :(  I love pictures!!!

IMAG0053 IMAG0179 IMAG0030 IMAG0256 IMAG0320 IMAG1470 IMAG1568 IMAG1777 IMAG0038 IMAG0199 IMAG1980 IMAG2069 IMAG2798 IMAG2920_1 IMAG3246_1_1 IMAG3344 IMAG3583 IMAG3804 IMAG4101 IMG_20140102_132653 IMAG0185 IMG_20140112_112440 IMG_20140124_125914 IMAG0333 IMAG0375 IMG_260517195280952 IMAG0435 IMAG0667 IMG_3837054144543 IMG_456060279175978 IMAG1082 IMAG1182 IMAG1613_1 IMAG1766_BURST003_1 IMAG1801 IMAG2083 IMG_426248528815229_1 IMG_20141025_132815 IMAG3044 IMAG3158 IMG_149172675098213 IMAG3251_1 IMAG3467 IMG_20150123_173154 IMAG4220 IMAG4246 IMAG4279

Share with me, YOUR favorite phone pic!!