If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Be More Human

Have you seen this commercial!? It's so bad ass! It's amazing! And I love it! Way to go Reebok!!

Of course it primarily features CrossFit, but whatever, athletes in general...

"Maybe you HAVE to be crazy..."
What if crazy is normal and lazy is crazy!? All my favorite people on earth are CRAZY. I'm crazy! You're probably crazy reading this. CRAZY is fantastic. Crazy makes us human and free and normal and HAPPY. Yes... crazy!!

"For what? Why do you do it?"
We all have our reasons, our seasons, our secrets... No "for what" is the same. Our motivation comes from different factors, our discipline learned and executed so differently. Why do YOU do it!? What makes you come back for more and more and more!? Because you're...CrAzY !?!!?

"We're doing it to be better, period."
Yes, to be better!! Be a better you!!

Capable of Anything

Oh My Gosh, yes yes YES!!
I need this commercial redone for triathletes...the swim, the bike, the run. Are you envisioning it!?
I'm so fired up. Motivation RELOADED. Thank you Reebok!