If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

RV Shopping

There's always "in the midst of" in my life, isn't there?

Well, in the midst of doing Ironman Arizona, I'm RV shopping. 

A quick rewind:
Packet pick-up. Boom. Done.
New Ironman AZ gear. Boom. Done.
Lunch with the Fab 5 (minus two). Boom. Done.
Wandering around Tempe. Boom Done. <--- check out Chris's blog for some fun pics and details.

And now we're at La Mesa RV. Upon arrival, "I hope the sales guys doesn't rub me the wrong way, cause if he's an asshole, I'm not buying s*%!" 
Mom, "Hmm, wonder where you get THAT from..."
Lucky for us, we get the cute young guy, Cameron, that seems genuinely concerned with what we (I) want. So let's explore the MESA of an RV lot... 

Holy RV shopping folks! Have you ever done this sort of shopping? There are some choices to make! I'll spare you the details, but it basically boils down to: I need space/storage for two bikes, a trainer, and all my tri gear, a chocolate lab, and an occasional roomie. Monthly cost is pretty important and gas mileage. I've had my eye on the Winnebago View. With a Mercedes engine, this ride gets 16-18 miles per gallon. Say whatttt!? And it is Classssy inside. When you see (want) the best, it's hard to settle for less. 
Until...Cameron realized that I will be PARKED and doing some traveling (vs. TRAVELING and doing some parking). We just opened up a bunch of more options... 
In comes the Coachmen Concord. I still need to do some review research, but it is VERY comparable except for the gas mileage (diesel at 16-18mpg vs. gas at 7-9mpg) - but the monthly payment calculations actually leave the higher gas mileage RV the most cost effective. I know, we were surprised too - but math doesn't lie!!

This won't be an easy decision to make. I kinda feel like it's like buying a home. It IS buying a home. My home. So stop making rude comments, this is going to be my HOME. And just because it doesn't have a white picket fence around it or a concrete foundation doesn't mean it's any less of a home (or life). 
Don't mind me as I jam out on my trainer under my electric awning with my outdoor flatscreen built in tv and surround sound stereo system. I might even put a pink flamingo and pinwheel out front for shits and giggles.