If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!



Not only is Nov 1st here, but Nov 2nd and 3rd are behind us already.
SLOW DOWN 2014! You're almost over, TAKE YOUR TIME!!

As if this year hasn't been AMAZING enough... I've got more up my sleeve!
Ironman Arizona is (of course) in just 2 short weeks...


But, while in Arizona, I'm going to learn everything there is to know about this sweet ride ^ and then I'm going to buy one! Is that a Mercedes emblem on that there vehicle!? The Traveling Triathlete; a nomad with CLASS. Ha ha!

I'm also going to head to the Grand Canyon with my momma. We are either going to do an overnight hike or a rim run. I haven't decided for us yet! But what's super cool is we'll have our first Coach/Athlete evaluation. My momma signed up for Ironman Vineman 70.3 in California in July and she's bringing ME on as Coach. I'm so happy that she trusts me to turn her into a triathlete.

And with THAT, we've signed up for a mini sprint tri the week after IMAZ... at a... SPA!! We are doing a super girly mini sprint tri at a day spa. The swim is in their lazy river and then a quick bike and run on their grounds. All I see is a massage and mud bath in my future...

Bonus happening: a reconnection is coming our way.

After all that excitement I get to spend Thanksgiving with momma before heading back to Gulfport. Where, once again, I really have no idea what's happening... If I don't find an RV in AZ and drive back, then I'll get one upon return. So head's up, we'll need somewhere to stay for a few days!!

December starts Tri Our Adventure 70.3 training. I'm taking on a group of athletes to swim, bike, and run our way into the new year for a grand celebration on April 19th at Ironman NOLA 70.3. If you're interested in jumping on board, email me! Prices are super fair and you can purchase just the program or one-on-one coaching.

Phil and I have decided not to do a European Christmas vacation. He is going to try to come back to the states early instead. It's okay, money saved and new adventures await! Speaking of Phil, just for an update, he has orders to Kansas instead of Georgia now. That definitely means we'll be finding some trouble to get into in Kansas ;)

So the year is almost up but the adventure most certainly is not. I have big plans and you can expect another BIG surprise/announcement from Tri Our Adventure before the year is up...

Happy November to YOUUUUUUUUUU!!!!