If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Did You Know?

sal_agr_betes_porc_dort dscn0411-2 Corn-insurance

I grew up on a pig farm
(from tot to 13/14 anyway).

Yep ^ it's true! Casstown, Ohio. We didn't farm the pig farm, we just lived on it. In the middle of 4 fields of corn. The tall scary kind. And had a barn full of pigs (and a house full of flies).
p.s. Children of the Corn debuted in 1984 (and was popular for a good 10 years) (and I had an older brother). I feel like my brother tortured me with the scary of all that...

My best memories (which are few because I have a very strange, mostly nonexistent, memory)...the big red bins of corn that we weren't supposed to play in but totally did. The big huge sals in the barn that we weren't supposed to go in and see but totally did. And of course, my brother, his friends, and our cousins (boys) peeing on the electric fence around the pig pen. Good grief!

Hanging out in Wiggins this weekend reminded me the joys of farm life.
Country. Pigs. Cows. Fields. Farm Equipment. And flies.
It smells different in the country. It feels different; calm.
And even though farming is HARD work, there's no sense of urgency or bustle <--- as in "hustle & bustle". People are just chill. Cool, calm, and collected. And they shoot dogs that eat their chickens.

We all need some country every now and then and I've found my new favorite place to train on the coast. Thank you Amanda and Jeff!