If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Just a Mild Concussion

No worries my friends!! It's just a concussion...

I was hauling the last load of "little" stuff before picking up the truck. Unloading everything, I bumped a tall stack of stuff in which a 2x4 attacked me (it's something Phil made for his truck to haul my bike - a 2x4 with little bike clamp thingy's on it and he even printed "Ironman" on it. I love it). Well, it fell, from way up top and conked me in the back of the head.

I was out for a few seconds. Or maybe minutes. I'm not sure. There are about 7 minutes that I don't have much memory of. But coming to, besides feeling dizzy and nauseous, I had work to do. So I got the truck and prepared for the move. Friends showed up, I told them what happened. They all urged me to ER but we have work to do first! So they just kept an eye on me all day.

I thought I was fine. I functioned okay. Just kept popping some Advil for the headache. I know my eyes hurt but come on, I mean, I got whacked in the head hard enough to knock me out, stuffs gonna hurt. I was pretty certain of a probable concussion. But still. Call me stubborn.

Food. A call to Dr. Kerby. And projectile vomiting, I knew it was time for the ER.

Luckily I was surrounded by friends and they took me.

Quick service at Keesler Air Force Base. And *shrug* no biggie, a mild concussion. I survived the night and feel okay today. A little headache. Okay a big headache. And I'm STARVING.

Thank you for the concern and care!! I have such amazing people in my life <3