If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Be Prepared for TMI...

So remember how I said recovery was going great? That all kinda sorta changed as of this morning...
I still feel great, don't worry! But let's talk about something that is both a little bit disturbing, very gross but common!

I've always gotten a lil bit of a saddle sore after an Ironman. Saddle sores are super common for cyclist/triathletes since we spend so much time on a bicycle seat (pressure, sweat, it happens). Mine have always been inflamed little knots, tender, and then go away after a couple days. Well this time, it grew. Quickly. Doubled then tripled in size over two days.

This morning awakened by pain, I texted mom, "Do you wanna wake up and take me to ER?" She did and off we went.

With the hissing inhalation sound the nurse and then PA made when they looked at it, I got super nervous. It's definitely an abscess and definitely needs drained. Oh my God, what does that mean for me!? For those of you who don't know, I have severe anxiety and have had and do have a VERY difficult time taking meds or undergoing medical treatment. Anything that makes me feel weird or different is pretty much a no go. So when I heard "drainage" all I really heard was pain MEDS, needles, surgery, more pain MEDS, post MEDS, and yeah, MEDS!! My anxiety instantly fired up and I was ready to leave. What happens if I DON'T get it drained? "It will grow, become more painful, and if it bursts, can kill you."

Okay, fine. "Surgery" it is. Jeebus!

The nurse walks in with percocet, zofren, and Ibuporfen 800. Umm, percocet!? Hell to the no! That stuff will not only make me loopy for a couple of days, it will ruin my entire day! I have an RV to buy today!! The anxiety of taking that medication will hurt more than the actual procedure so I went for au natural. Holy God that was the most painful thing I've ever gone through in my life.

The first FEW needles were a local anesthetic. Oh the pain; oh the burning; oh my goodness, make it stop! PA leaves for that to kick in, comes back, pokes around, OUCH, so, MORE needles of anesthetic - directly into the abscess. Mom literally had to hold me down. Next comes the I don't even know what!? Scalpel, vacuum sucky thing, needles!? I don't know, it just hurt and hurt and hurt. And the deeper she went, the more it hurt. And it just wasn't stopping. And I was sobbing and groaning and crying. And mom was laughing and holding me down from hitting the PA and being all grossed out by the contents of my abscess. Oh good grief. It all hurt so bad. And while most endure this particular procedure behind percocet, this girl took it like a boss a big baby.

Now what came out of the abscess, I couldn't even look at it. Blood, puss, chunks of scar tissue. Scar tissue!? Oh so gross. Hearing it go through the vacuum while I cried in pain, and seeing mom squirm...ugh. Just oh so gross. Our insides are so disgusting.

So now, here I lay, with a gauze packed drained abscess.
It's quite gross. And embarrassing.
But whatever, let's talk about it, because despite embarrassment, we have to make sure we take this kind of stuff seriously! I was hoping it'd go down and/or just go away. I probably should have gone to a doc sooner ~especially since I had a fever on and off all day yesterday. This could have gotten really bad. And still could! I basically have an open wound draining right now. Hello bacteria! I'm on a whole slew of new antibiotics.
Infection is no joke, TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY. Please!

From Ironman to ER... it's ALWAYS an adventure!!

(I have at least 2 very disturbing gross pictures if you want to see... ;)