If You Never Tri, You'll Never Know!

Arizona Turkey Trottin'

What's Thanksgiving without a Turkey Trot!?
My first run back since IMAZ...

You know what I absolutely LOVE about running?
It feels good. Even when it hurts, it feels good. It's such a mental and emotional break though. Just me and the pavement. My race, my pace, tuning into my body and mind. And it's so easy to breathe here. Perfect temperature, a great route with 2,999 other turkey day trotters.

The Mesa Turkey Trot was a great "come back" 10k at 54 minutes even :)
Cameron came in at an impressive 48 minutes (yeah, he sold me on an RV and I sold him on a 10k!).
Mom & Bob walked their traditional turkey trot coming in at 1:39.
Thank you Arizona for a great run!
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^^ And a butter'y meal at Waffle House grand finale ^^

Did you swim, bike, or run for the turkey?
Gobble Gobble - Happy Thanksgiving!!