Thursday, November 6, 2014

It's Good

Okay. I feel good. I'm where I need to be. Everything is packed; pretty strategical and organized. A majority of stuff is in storage. I pretty much dominate Tetris so it's all gonna fit (keep fingers crossed). Big furniture is going on Sunday with the help of my AWESOME friends and YEAH, I'm trying not to cry. Oh and waiting on paperwork from Germany or none of this can even happen... So YEAH, keeping it together. Did I mention I'm doing an Ironman in 10 days!? BREATHE...

And just for clarification in case you missed it somewhere along the line, I'm not moving away. I will be going to AZ for a couple weeks but I'll be back!! Just had to sell the house and move into storage. In 4 days I'm officially homeless. It's all good. IT'S GOOD! <--- insert Jim Carrey voice, Bruce Almighty 

It's all good Lisa. Keep BREATHING...

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